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OMI PRODUCTIONS is a company that specialises in TV, film and internet video productions.

Its founder and manager, Omenaa Mensah, has been successfully operating in the media industry for almost 20 years as one of the most popular presenters and journalists in Poland. Years of work on the sets of hundreds of documentary and educational programmes and series have allowed her to learn the nuts and bolts of production and become familiar with the needs of particular groups of recipients of professional TV productions. She has decided to use her vast experience, professionalism and entrepreneurship in the creation of the formats that remain closest to her love and passion for design, art and architecture.

Realising premium productions in these areas, she offers comprehensive products that guarantee success in the scope of viewership and media attention. Most of all, she focuses on the quality of the created content and cooperates with the best people in the industry. OMI PRODUCTIONS receives support from an international team that ensures the highest quality of the productions created by the company.

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OMI PRODUCTIONS gained trust of TVN Group, the leading TV broadcasting company in Poland, which belongs to the DISCOVERY media concern, whose programmes inspire, educate and entertain viewers all around the world. It was for them that the company created an inspiring and educational production entitled “Unique Homes”, which consists of 10 episodes and was shown by TVN and TVN STYLE, where it became one of the most popular programmes.

“Unique Homes” is a production that presents real gems of the Polish contemporary architecture: houses of the future, which connect the elements of perfect shape, immaculate design and ecological solutions. Not only was Omenaa Mensah the originator and producer of the programme, but she also functioned as the presenter, who ushered the viewers through those breathtaking houses and revealed the secrets of their unusual design solutions. Global interior design trends, original designs and modern architectural and technological solutions: perfect design enthusiasts can admire all this in each episode of “Unique Homes”. The production is available in internet TV and the PLAYER TV VOD platform that belongs to TVN Discovery Group.

At the moment, OMI PRODUCTIONS are preparing for a big international production, whose universal character will allow the company to be present in many countries around the world. It will be a globally unique premium series about sophisticated architecture of timeless value.


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